DTMR: A new offer - more to do

Posted August 25, 2011 by Alex Scott

TMR workers should be congratulated on their efforts during the Transport & Main Roads EDA8 campaign. It is members' commitment to standing Together that has meant the government has again been forced to come up with a new offer.

TMR members have continued your campaign for a fair offer for workers across all over the department and have refused. There is still more work to do.

As a result of your continued efforts the department has come up with a new offer. Delegates are seeking feedback over the next week and will meet on Wednesday to make a decision on whether to accept or reject the new offer.

What's changed in the new offer?

  • An increased bonus payment for agreeing to go into the Core agreement to $1000 from $800
  • An operative date of 1 August 2011 instead of 1 July 2011

The government has refused to move when it comes to many of the issues that matter the most to TMR workers.

So what hasn't changed?

  • An offer of a short term agreement (12 months)
  • The department still wants you to be in the Core Agreement.
  • The department doesn't want to offer you a 3 year agreement they that have offered to other TMR workers.
  • TMR still only wants to offer to line your wage rate up with the wage rates in the Core; this means that some workers will employees will receive a wage increase of just 1.15%.

What does this all mean?

TMR has offered other employees in the department a wage increase of 9% over three years, but they are still not prepared to offer you a similar agreement and deliver fairness for all TMR workers. This campaign has been about ensuring that the department keeps good employees who deliver services that the community relies on. This offer will put at jeopardy these services and the working conditions of those that deliver them for our Queensland community.

APESMA, however, signed up earlier this month to a previous inadequate offer from the department. Members of Together and other unions are yet to formally respond to the government's most recent offer. The majority of TMR workers continue to reject this offer. Now is the time for members to keep up the pressure on the department for a decent wage increase and a 3 year agreement not an offer that isn't fair for all TMR workers.

What's next?

Right now it is important that all members talk to their local workplace delegates over the coming days and share your views on the current offer. Delegates will be holding meetings in workplaces across TMR soon to make a decision about the next steps in your campaign for fairness in your new agreement.

The commitment of TMR workers to a fair agreement has already meant that the department has moved further than they wanted to. Now is the time for members to discuss this with their delegates and decide how they can continue the pressure on the department. Let's keep up the pressure! 

If you have any questions feel free to email dtmr@together.org.au

Check out more info about the campaign at www.tmred8.org.au.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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