DoH BCFC Update

Posted on August 6, 2021

Your delegates continue to meet weekly with the Department of Health to discuss the Department of Health Business Case for Change and to actively raise your issues and concerns for discussion and action.

Delegates have consistently raised your concerns regarding the need for shared and agreed purpose; best practice processes; effective and transparent communication; clear evidence for change; and the need for strong leadership to sell and promote the benefits of change.

At these meetings a phased approach to the change has been discussed, with a final decision pending from the Director-General regarding the next steps. 

Phase one has been implemented. Phase one saw the disbandment of Health Support Queensland and Strategy, Policy and Planning Division as well as the transfer of a small number of other units and Branches into new Divisions. For some staff, there were no immediate changes to how they undertake their work.

For those members who have seen changes, the Department has confirmed that a working group has been established consisting of business managers from each Division to ensure that issues are actively resolved. This has included delegation changes, payroll issues, cost centre changes and any day-to-day operational matters such as use of correct signature blocks. We understand that some of these changes have not gone as smoothly as hoped but that the Department believes it is on top of most concerns. If this isn’t the case, and you or your colleagues are having any issues as a result of phase one, please email

Phase two is yet to commence. As part of the original business case for change, the Department also indicated a range of additional benefits that were hoped to be achieved through a second phase. Delegates are not yet across the specifics of what this change will look like, but we have been advised that broadly phase two will be in three parts:  

  1. A co-design process:
    1. Members will be actively involved in negotiating any further changes that might be recommended for future decision by the Director-General
    2. It is our understanding that this process will focus on how business is conducted in your area, and understanding the businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    3. The co-design process will inform the development of an additional business case for change document
    4. As a union member you have an opportunity to influence this documentation and any expected outcomes
  2. The formal business case for change whereby the Department will undertake formal consultation.  As union members, you will again be able to provide input to ensure that your voice is being heard before any decisions are made.
  3. Implementation of the business case for change following consideration of union and individual feedback.  There is a requirement that the employer be able to demonstrate how feedback was considered prior to any final decision making.

Your delegates encourage you to be active in all aspects of the Phase two process once it commences. 

As always, regular communications will be sent to you to inform you and give you as many opportunities as possible to provide feedback and influence the outcome.

New change proposed which will see the creation of an interim Public Health and COVID Response Division.

Queensland Health is proposing to create an interim Pubic Health and COVID Response Division (PHCRD). You can view the business case for change documents here.

You can view the special broadcast from Jeannette Young here. 

As a union member you have an opportunity to influence these outcomes.  If you have concerns or questions or want to provide suggestions on this proposal, please email these to

At a meeting of members directly affected by this change, members thought that the formation of this new area would impact other members across the Department of Health. As such another meeting has set down for next Wednesday 11 August at 12pm (Midday). This meeting is open to all Department of Health members. To join the meeting please use this link.    

Other Change management

Your delegates are continuing to hear reports from you about changes occurring at the local level outside of the Business Case for Change. If you are aware of any organisational change that is occurring within your teams, Units, Branches or Divisions that appear to be outside of the Business Case for change please email the details to These details will be confidential. We need to stop these changes from occurring.  


Consultation forums

As a result of phase one changes, there have been changes to the way in which members and delegates are able to escalate issues. Previously, there were separate consultative forums for the Department of Health, Health Support Queensland and eHealth Queensland. With the phase one changes, there will now be a combined consultation forum. This forum will meet on a monthly basis and the first meeting of the new forum will take place on Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 2pm. 

The delegates that will be representing you at this forum will be:

Payroll: Tanya Strachotta (with Debra Thomas as proxy)

FSS: Helen Eldridge (with Carol Church as proxy)

Pathology: Brendan Kelly and Craig McKenzie (will proxy for each other) and Peter Yates

eHealth: Jake Simpson (Rockhampton), and Zaida Variava (Brisbane)

Butterfield St: John Conlan

Charlotte St: Michael Lazzarini

We all need to ensure that we have a strong union in the Department of Health to make sure that management continue to listen to us. They can join here.

1800 177 244