Doctors: your new collective agreement has started

Posted on November 23, 2015

Congratulations! The Industrial Commission agreed to approve the new MOCA4 agreement as of 22 November 2015.


That means that as of today your new conditions start and your contract can be shredded!

You can celebrate this moment by downloading this poster and putting it up at your workplace.

This is an opportunity for doctors to reflect on how you achieved this together, to talk to your colleagues about joining our union to build a stronger voice for the profession and the sector and to prepare the future. 

We've seen medical students, junior doctors, SMOs and VMOs all get involved throughout the campaign, whether it's protests, public activities or meeting, every activity has mattered and helped get doctors to where we are today - a new collective agreement. 

Congratulations on standing up for collective bargaining, for patients and for healthcare that all Queenslanders can rely on. This win is because of every person who took action and refused to accept the attacks on the medical profession.

P.S - – With the “7 day hospital” model from the UK still on the agenda at the Queensland Clinical Senate now is as important a time as ever to be a strong union group within your hospital and HHS, and your colleagues can join you in the union here.

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