Doctors: Voting this week

Posted on September 28, 2015


You are only one step away from restoration of your rights and conditions under a properly negotiated collective agreement.

The final step for doctors is to vote for the agreement in the AEC ballot.

Together members voted overwhelmingly in their ballot to accept the offer from the government and this has now been drafted into a full document that delegates agree sets out accurately what was negotiated. This proposed agreement made with your union will restore your rights and conditions under the previous MOCA3 along with some improvements. It is only because of your action that this has been possible.

The final step is to vote for the agreement in the formal ballot being run by the Australian Electoral Commission over the next three weeks. Your ballot paper will be sent to you from today by the AEC.

I encourage you to vote for this agreement and a return of your rights and conditions.

While the state government is restoring your conditions, in the UK doctors are under attack by the government there. But like you, doctors are fighting back.

Now that consultation rights have been restored, there are a range of consultation activities occurring with Together medical delegates over the next week. Make sure you have your say by emailing or call 1800 177 244 to give feedback. If your management are not following the current rules, talk to your colleagues and contact your union office.

Electronic Medical Records

We have started to receive some consultation around the iEMR project. Let us know the latest in your area so we can raise current concerns. Dr Richard Ashby has offered to meet with Together delegates in the coming weeks to discuss our concerns and we would like to take this opportunity to put all the issues relating to implementation and medical officers' needs on the table. Thank you to those members who have raised issues; we have put those initial issues to QH and more work is occurring this week and next at PAH and in Cairns.

Ambulance Ramping  

Tomorrow, Sandy Donald and other Together members in Cairns will meet the Minister to discuss ambulance ramping. We also intend to emphasise that ramping is a symptom of problems across the health system. Clearly other hospitals - especially in the regions - need solutions to ramping and surges in patient numbers. If you have specific experiences with MEDAI or other issues or suggestions to do with ramping please get in touch so we can feed those through.

Don't forget to vote on the agreement to restore your conditions! Have a great week.

1800 177 244