DNRME communication about the $1250

Posted on November 12, 2019

Several members have recently forwarded me a copy of the email sent by the department regarding the 3% increase won by union members in the state wage case.

As part of that email the department also allege that you would not be entitled to a $1250 payment as your agreement is subject to arbitration, given the very low wage offer made by government during negotiations. Government departments opposed your union's application for a 3% increase this year but they were unsuccessful in the state wage case hearing.

Your union office, on advice of your union delegates, has also applied for a $1250 one off payment as part of the arbitration process. This is a matter to be heard before the Commission on Wednesday 27 November so it is a bit precipitous of the department to make a statement of this nature when the Full Bench has yet to make a decision!

We will continue to update you on progress.

Without union members none of these increases would be achieved. Well done on being stronger together!

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