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Posted July 23, 2012 by Alex Scott

Over the last week your Department has been front and centre of the cuts to programs and jobs, firstly 160 jobs being cut from Skilling Queenslanders for Work, then further cuts of around another 200 jobs going across the Department.

The roles of members in the Skilling Queenslanders for Work problem were absolutely frontline and necessary – however that has not protected them from the aggressive program being rolled out by this government. Now we have further, unknown, jobs being cut, that’s why we all need to stick together and speak out about the essential nature of your jobs and services.

Like you, our union office and delegates first heard about the cuts in the media. Unfortunately we have still not been furnished with the names of the impacted workers – despite the fact that this is required under the collective agreement – and that is why this email is going to all members in the Department and not the targeted group.

On Wednesday morning, the earliest opportunity after we heard about the cuts in the media union office staff met with Peter McKay from the Department who outlined that the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program was being cut. That meant that those workers were to be offered Voluntary Early Redundancies or would be placed in other roles – under the Employees Requiring Placement scheme. On Thursday, we were given broad outlines of further cuts but no details as yet. The Department has committed to providing them but, in the meantime, we are hearing of people that are already being tapped on the shoulder.

One of the requirements if there is to be a restructure like this is for there to be genuine consultation with impacted workers and their union office. This has not happened here as the Department has not provided the names of the workers impacted – so that is why we are in dispute with DETE.

Union officials have also been making comments in the media about the attack on members’ jobs.

In the meantime, if you are an impacted officer you are likely to receive documentation – email if you have questions or concerns or phone us on 1800 177 244.

Once the list of names of the workers impacted is released by the Department we will undertake some specific communications with you about the dispute process and next steps.

For all other members – the most important thing we can do right now is stand up and say that job security cannot be taken away – that’s why we want every workplace possible to lodge a Protected Action Ballot in the next two weeks – to build pressure on the government.

So far several DETE workplaces have already done this – the Mackay Regional Office and the Mt Gravatt State School just to name a couple.

It’s easy to do – simply go to and download the meeting kit and enter your results online.

Any questions or issues email or call 1800 177 244 and ask to be put through to the Protected Action Ballot Hotline.

Standing together and taking a stand – saying we will take industrial action – we are not sitting by quietly is the only way to fight these attacks.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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