DET Therapists – Urgent matter HP Parity

Posted on October 4, 2016

I hope you all had a great September break.

During the break we have been pursuing the opportunity to meet with DET and start a conversation about pay equity with Health Practitioners (HPs) working in Queensland Health.

An opportunity exists now as Queensland Health therapists (HPs) are renegotiating their wages right now.

Today we are meeting with Nadine Morris from DET IR about how and what could happen. It is a very preliminary conversation. DET have certainly not agreed to anything yet!

On Thursday 6 October at 3pm we are holding a Together members teleconference to discuss this. Email for details.

We need to identify quickly what the position of members is regarding HP relativity. There are differences in hours of work, wages and PD leave and allowances.

DET Nurses have been joined to the Queensland Health nursing agreement earlier this year, which is the precedent we are raising with the Department.

I realise given the short notice a teleconference this week won't suit all members. If possible, particularly if you can't make it to the teleconference on Thursday please send through your thoughts about trying for HP pay parity to this week.

I'll send a further update after our discussion with Nadine today.

In case you missed our email last week about our submission to the Disability Policy Review being conducted now – you can see our draft submission HERE.

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