DESBT Update: Increment pay point disputes

Posted on March 25, 2020

With the focus quite rightly being on making sure everyone is safe and well, we still need to be vigilant on other workplace issues to ensure all union members rights are being addressed.

Over the past few months your union delegates have been working hard on the issue of increment pay points being denied without due process. After several attempts to resolve the matter through the Agency Consultative Committee, DESBT Together representatives lodged a dispute with the Department under the dispute resolution procedures of the the State Government Entities Certified Agreement. You can see the dispute position put forward by your union representative and the departments response here.

Thankfully the dispute has been resolved amicably in the favour of union members.

For those members who have been denied an increment pay point increase in the absence of due process you should now be appointed to the increment pay point that was denied and any back pay rectified.

If you believe that you may have been denied payment of an increment pay point without a formal process since the inception of DESBT you should contact myself your DESBT Organiser Sean Waugh at or Union Delegate Rod Harris at

As always, if there are any other issues in you workplace please contact Sean and Rod or your local DESBT workplace delegate.

1800 177 244