Defending Queensland Health from attack

Posted August 31, 2012 by Alex Scott

Only a week ago the government rushed legislation through Parliament to get rid of job security, as part of an agenda to cut health jobs and outsource health services.

As you may have heard already, Together alongside the Queensland Council of Unions is challenging the government's legislative changes to employment security and contracting out.

We have launched this challenge today because outsourcing and job cuts are a devastating threat to Queensland's health services now and for generations to come.

This government does not understand Queensland Health. It does not understand the importance of preventative services. It does not understand why decentralising BreastScreen Queensland will hurt cancer screening. It doesn't understand why the investments of the past few years have been necessary to ensure all Queenslanders, wherever they live, have the best possible access to high-quality services delivered by skilled healthcare professionals.

This challenge is not guaranteed to succeed, and on its own a legal challenge won't stop the government's attacks on Queensland Health. But as union members we have to use every method we can to make clear that the work you do should be protected, and health services should not be outsourced.

Union members in Queensland Health are preparing a major campaign for health services. The first part of this is meetings in hospitals. There will also be rallies around the state on 12 September - check the local details here.

As well as the meetings and rallies, you can talk to your colleagues about joining their union, and make sure you check out and share our ads about the government's broken promises on jobs.

There'll be more news to come next week as the fight for Queensland Health continues - stay in touch with your colleagues and stay prepared for the challenges ahead, as once again union members have to fight for the future of our health system.

PS. Today, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission sent the Core public service agreement into arbitration. You can see an update on this process on our website.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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