DCDSS Together Members Update

Posted on February 5, 2020

EB and $1250 payment update

After the successful ballot of Together members on the much-improved government offer for the Core EB, work has been continuing to progress the agreement and make it operational. Together representatives have been drafting the new Core EB with government representatives and are close to finalising the document. What happens next is that a ballot of all staff must occur. We understand this will be done electronically with hard copies of a postal ballot distributed to staff who do not have work email addresses, like RCOs. We do not have a firm date of when this will occur just yet but hope it will be in the next couple of weeks.

We are also constantly following up with government about the progress of the $1250 payment. We are seeking that it is paid as soon as possible, and our best estimate at this stage is that it may be later this month; however, we do not have confirmation of this timing as yet. The one-off payment of $1250 is pro rata for part-time and casual staff and will be taxed as salary.

Congratulations again to Together members for standing strong and ensuring a fair EB outcome!

AS&RS Reviews – Rosters and Roles

Coming out of EB negotiations, the Department committed to two reviews into AS&RS specific matters.

They are:

  • Review of Shift Rostering Procedures and Practices
  • Review of the Direct Services Support Officer & Direct Services Team Leader roles

Delegates have nominated to be on these review committees and we will keep you updated and bring information to members as it comes to light. The first meeting of these committees will take place this month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on communities@together.org.au

Agency Consultative Committee

The next Agency Consultative Committee is next Thursday, 13th February. Please let us know if there are any agenda items you would like to see raised at the ACC by emailing communities@together.org.au

1800 177 244