CYJMA EB + Other Updates

Posted on March 10, 2021

EB Update – access period begins today 

All staff should have received an email from the Director-General late yesterday advising that the fully-drafted EB is available for staff to review, prior to the all-staff ballot that will commence in a fortnight’s time.

You can see the EB here.

There are a range of improvements included in this EB, which members have already provided in-principle agreement to, including: an increase in Child Safety staff to reduce caseloads; a review and upgrade of relevant AO positions in CSSCs; a review of the YJ Convenor role; a commitment to update a number of policies such as Rural & Remote Incentives and PO Progression; and a commitment to review the appropriateness of retaining CSO positions on the PO scale, amongst other commitments. The Department has also produced an explanatory notes document to summarise these improvements, which is available on your intranet 

This is also the first time that a Workload Management Manual and Policy for Child Safety has been part of your EB, which means there are further options for escalation of issues that are unable to be resolved at the local or regional level. 

In the EB, you can also see the wages schedules that reflect the actual wage increases you would receive over the life of the agreement (2.5% increase on 1 September 2021; 2.5% on 1 March 2022; and 2.5% on 1 September 2022). This is an incredibly significant shift from what the government’s position was previously, and, over the life of the agreement, brings CYJMA members much closer to your Health colleagues in terms of parity.

Together members should be proud of what the improvements they have made the Department and government offer as part of this EB settlement – these are real and tangible steps towards addressing attraction and retention, workload, classification and progression issues in the Department. Well done!

We have also requested further detail about the immediate expansion of the Rural and Remote incentive scheme to areas with high numbers of CSO vacancies, and the steps being taken to increase permanency amongst CSOs in particular. If you have any questions about these key issues, please contact us at or by calling 1800 177 244. 

The access period is until Tuesday 23 March. The all-staff ballot will then commence at 9am Wednesday, 24 March, and end at 4pm on Tuesday 6 April. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them to or by calling 1800 177 244.

PSC Report 

On Friday afternoon, the government released the review undertaken by the Public Service Commission into public servants’ conduct in relation to the death of Mason Jet Lee. We know it is challenging for staff when Child Safety is in the media, so please ensure you are looking after yourself and your colleagues during this time. While there was no further action taken against the public servants involved in the case, and an acknowledgement that the case was a “collective failure of the department” due to a number of reasons, the PSC made a recommendation that the Department seek advice from Crown Law regarding its disciplinary processes for a period of two years. We understand that the Department, the PSC and Crown Law have commenced discussions regarding this. 

Delegates have already reflected to the Department that the job you do is vital yet holds significant risk, and to have more scrutiny of your work – most of the time, under pressure and under-resourced – is a real challenge. We will continue to engage with the Department around this and other matters related to discipline and investigations. 

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are unsure of your rights, or an industrial process you may be involved with, it’s always best to seek advice early. Together members can do so by emailing or calling 1800 177 244 to speak to our industrial staff. As a Together member, you’ll never walk alone.

MOG – are you now in a different department? 

Some ex-CSYW members have since been MOG-ed into the Department of Justice and Attorney-General or the Department of Environment and Science. If this is you, can you please let us know what your new work details are by emailing so we can ensure that you are receiving the most relevant information in your new Department. If you would like to know who your relevant organiser or delegates are, please email us on or call us on 1800 177 244. All the best in your new Department!

1800 177 244