CYDC Union meeting - 1300 hrs, Wed 23rd

Posted on November 22, 2016

Every worker deserves to come home safe from work.

Since last week’s major incident at the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, Together delegates and the local organiser Norm Jacobsen have been working with Together members on what need to be done in this centre so that this terrible incident doesn’t happen again.

We have called for youth workers to have the appropriate tools, training and staffing to make the centre safe. 

Safety is an issue that Norm and I have been discussing with members and delegates at the centre for some time now and was one of the major issues raised with me when I met with members in the centre last month, along with the importance of the Youth Detention inquiry addressing safety and staffing the centres.

This incident has further highlighted the urgent need to put safety first in youth detention centres including providing full payment of salary while on workers compensation which is one of the matters we have been continuing to pursue with the department and the government.

Now, more than ever, is the time to come together as members and force a real change in the centre. Contact your delegates at the centre - Damien Manion - to get involved in finding the right solutions to staff safety.

Together will be holding a member meeting on Wednesday the 23rd of November 1300 hrs at the quiet space room, for members to discuss what needs to happen next at the centre. It’s important as many Together members come to the meeting and bring anyone else who wants to get involved.  These are your decisions about safety in your workplace.

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