Cuts at Virgin Head Office

Posted on August 28, 2019

I am sure you have heard already about the cuts that Virgin Australia announced today.

Today Virgin Australia has announced massive cuts to staff in its Head Office: news reports have said 750 jobs across the business. Together members are understandably shocked at the announcement, especially given that there has been no warning that such drastic action was being considered.

In case you were unaware, union members at head office have been seeking to sit down with Virgin Australia and negotiate an agreement for wages and conditions for staff for over six months. These discussions would have been an opportunity to discuss these concerns. Unfortunately Virgin has refused to negotiate and continues to fight to prevent negotiations in the Fair Work Commission.

If Virgin was committed to limiting the adverse impact of their financial position on staff, they would agree to negotiate, rather than spend money on lawyers to avoid genuine discussions.

Your union office has had a conversation with Todd Reynolds, General Manager, Group Workplace Relations following his email to your union office. You can read that email here.

Your union office has put the position that a meeting between delegates at Head Office and Virgin representatives is urgently needed in coming days to discuss these proposals. This includes discussing the proposed timeframes and measures to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of the changes on employees.

Virgin seemed hesitant to meet, however we will advise their intent soon. If they don't meet with your union delegates and office, this may enliven a dispute at the Fair Work Commission, to force meaningful consultation.

Here is what your union office knows so far:

Head Office Staff:

  • Virgin has not committed to discuss this announcement further yet. Pressure is being put on them about this.
  • The wage freeze is affecting you – this is because you are not currently on a collective agreement.
  • Your union is unsure about what this means for your Remuneration Review, which has been promised over the past months.


Airport Staff and the GCC:

  • Virgin has committed to discuss this announcement further with your union delegates in consultative committees and/or other appropriate forums over the next few months
  • The wage freeze is not affecting you, but negotiations are coming up in coming months – and may be something VA seek to force.



It's important that at times like these, union members stick together – support each other and ensure that everyone knows their rights.

If you need to discuss matters further, please don't hesitate to reach out to your team at the union office by email – or by phone on 1800 177 244.

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