Custodial Corrections: Will you fight on?

Posted on April 27, 2016

Over the last couple of months, we have been sending you updates about your collective agreement. As we've reported, the negotiations have been a lot more positive than the ones three years ago under the LNP. The Department's been saying all the right things, they’ve agreed that the Cert IV and Diploma barriers in the classification structure should be fixed, they have been indicating that they might restore the 15% worker’s compensation top up where Officers are assaulted. You can see all of the updates here. 

Right up until today – when suddenly they started backpedaling.

Under the government's wages policy, if we want to get a pay rise backdated to 1 April we need to agree in principle by the end of the month. If we don’t - the operative date of the agreement, and the first pay rise will only apply from 1 May.

That’s why we expected QCS to make a formal offer on all our Log of Claims today – but they didn't.

Instead, they told us that the Commissioner hadn't made a final decision on workers compensation and they couldn't tell us when he would. They also told us they hadn’t been able to cost the proposed changes to the classification structure so couldn't make an offer on them.

So what are they offering?

  • 2.5% with no changes to the classification structure or the Cert IV and Diploma Barriers
  • No top up of workers' compensation when injured in a "Use of Force" incident
  • Improved meal allowances and compensation when meals breaks aren't provided on Escorts (this just recognises the fact that up until now you haven't been getting Award entitlements on Escorts)
  • Return of the ‘Prohibited Content’ clauses that the LNP removed and the Labor Government has already promised to return.

We just don’t think this is good enough! The Department needs to put their money where their mouth is and start taking you seriously.

What are we fighting for?

  • Lifting of the Cert IV and Diploma Barriers
  • Every CCO to receive at least 2.5% per annum through either access to higher increments or wage rises or a combination of both.
  • 15% top of workers compensation restored when CCOs are injured in the line of duty

Right now we have two options: either we can sit back and take what QCS is offering or we can continue fighting for our rights and protections at work. Your delegates think we should fight on but we need to know what you want to do. Clicking on the links below you will be able to send your vote to your delegates and organisers.

Yes - I'll accept what's on offer, take the 2.5% wage increase and leave the classification system unchanged

No - It isn't good enough. The Department needs to fix the classification structure, restore workers compensation top up when staff are assaulted at work and we shouldn't have to take a cut in our take-home pay to do it. I want to fight on. 

Have your answer back to us by 5:00pm Friday so that we can tell the department.

Together, we are making our workplaces better and safer. 

In union,

John Stack (Lotus Glen), Adrian Burke (TCC), Mark Weber (CCC), Jason Hunt (Woodford), Peter Clarke (Wolston), Shannon Richards  (Borallon), Darryl McNamara (BCC), Scott Mawhinney from ESB.

P.S. In order for a ballot to be successful over 50% of the ballots sent out have to be returned so remember to return your ballot ASAP.

Remember – In order for us to fight on we need to take industrial action. For your centre’s protected action ballot to be successful over 50% of the ballots sent out have to be returned so remember to return your ballot ASAP. If you haven’t received your ballot call the ECQ urgently on (07) 3035 8045 or 1300 881 665. The ballot closes on Friday 6 May so you need to get your ballot in the post in time.

1800 177 244