Custodial Corrections: Serious Assault and Disease Testing

Posted on November 26, 2020

Recently legislation was put before the NSW Parliament with the intention of allowing a perpetrator of a spitting, biting or bodily fluids attack to be tested for information about the potential risk of disease spread. Some members were prompted to ask about the situation in Queensland.

The good news is that the capacity for prisoners to be tested almost immediately in Queensland already exists under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act.

The relevant provisions are in Chapter 18 of the Act.

If you are a victim of an assault of this kind, when you make your statement to police, you should insist that a disease test order be made. Under the legislation, this order cannot be unduly delayed.

In order for a test to take place, you must press charges for serious assault.

Your safety must always come first! Remember that if you have concerns about your health and safety at work you can contact your union office.

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