Custodial Corrections: Important update about the rollout of body cameras

Posted on August 7, 2017

Your delegates have been concerned to hear that the rollout of body cameras by Queensland Corrective Services has not taken place according to what everyone agreed was best practice – cameras mounted on vests. This is despite all the evidence from the trial making clear the advantages of mounting the cameras on vests.

Our view as union members on body cameras is clear. We support the operation of body cameras. Delegates have passed a motion to emphasise that

  1. Cameras need to be mounted on vests to work properly.
  2. The issuing of vests to ensure the cameras can be worn properly should be dealt with promptly by QCS.
  3. Some members have agreed to voluntarily wear their body cameras on a magnet mount. They should be free to do so if they choose.
  4. Nobody should be directed to wear a body camera unless it is mounted on a vest.

We have been in contact with management, who have assured us that yes, while any staff member who wishes to wear a camera without the vest is free to do so, nobody will be directed to wear one without a vest.

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