CSYW & YJ offer: union members vote yes!

Posted on January 17, 2020

Congratulations! Together members have voted in the ballot for your CSYW & YJ EB offer and it was overwhelmingly approved.

Union members have had their say, demonstrating that over 93% of members supported the offer.

The results of the ballot mean that while your wages will continue to be arbitrated by the independent umpire, all staff covered by the CSYW & YJ agreement will be paid the $1250 payment. Now that this result from members is known, we will be able to talk to government about the timing of the payment and we will be urging the government that this happens as soon as possible.

The offer that members have accepted contains ways forward to address a number of the key issues for members in CSYW & YJ – caseloads, classifications, new positions and workplace safety.

Next week, delegates and activists will be coming together to discuss how we progress these important matters, and we understand the Departments are already undertaking work so we can ensure that members are seeing outcomes as soon as possible.

Of course, there are also many ways outside of bargaining to improve members’ lives – this is not the be all and end all for three years! As always, if you have anything that you want to discuss with us, please contact us on csyw@together.org.au or 1800 177 244.

There have been thousands of union members who have contributed to this outcome but we would particularly like to thank the delegates and members who have tirelessly attended negotiations, volunteered to be witnesses in the Commission, run meetings, led industrial action and kept all members up to date. Their voluntary efforts, above and beyond their day to day work, has delivered a better workplace for everyone. Thank you.

Congratulations on securing an outcome and we will have more updates soon!

1800 177 244