CSYW: So, what’s going on with that $1250?

Posted on October 22, 2019

Further to our last email, delegates and members still have some questions about what the $1250 one-off payment, that now forms part of the state government's wages policy, means – understandably!

The government is saying that this does not apply to you, as your collective agreement is currently in arbitration. However, if we were to come to an agreed outcome with the government, this would likely be part of any settlement.

In response to that, your Steering Committee delegates have undertaken the following actions:

  • We have written to the Directors-General of both Departments about the change in wages policy (the addition of the $1250 payment) and Minister Grace's comments that "their door is always open" regarding an agreed outcome – if the government is genuine about this, we want to know what is on offer, aside from the $1250.
  • We have made an application for an interim wage increase (of 3%) as well as the payment of the $1250 'bonus' through the arbitration process. The Mention for this matter is being held on Friday afternoon – we will keep you informed.

In the meantime, the State Wage Case – in which we argued that a 3% wage increase should be passed on to all Awards, including the one that covers you – has just been heard in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. Members will be the first to know once we have the outcome of this case.

If you are unsure about what the last offer from the government, in terms of wages, meant you can see a comparison between our position and the government's offer here (please note – there are a number of reclassification claims in our draft determination that would create an entirely new classification stream).

You can find the full determination – the full detail of what we are pursuing – here. We also have a fact sheet as well as something a bit more specific for CSSCs.  

Thank you again to all of the delegates and members who have provided evidence so far in our case. We are fully expecting that the Departments will come back arguing that the issues we have raised are not issues at all, or are very isolated instances, or that they simply do not have the budget to fix anything – we might be disappointed, but not surprised. Once we receive their evidence, we may be asking members to respond to some quick questions to provide further data – we'll let you know.

As a reminder, our hearing dates are set down for 13 – 24 January.

We know it is difficult to keep up the good fight for your work to be valued appropriately – remember to take care of yourselves and your co-workers!

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you’d like to discuss or if you have any questions.  

1800 177 244