CSYW - Offer from government, have your say today!

Posted on December 20, 2019

Great news! Late yesterday the government has provided a new offer to settle many of our claims that were due to be arbitrated in 2020. Your delegates have been working behind the scenes continuing to negotiate, as well as prepare for the trial in 2020, and this is the result of that effort.

Please see the letter of offer HERE.

Your CSYW/YJ Steering Committee are happy to recommend this offer. It addresses many of the key issues and provides certainty that the arbitration process could not provide.

WAGES are still in arbitration – it’s important to know that the % quantum is still going to be decided by the independent umpire. The advantage in this offer is that the $1250 ‘one off’ payment however would be paid to members while you wait for the wages arbitration to come through. The wording in the government offer letter about wages is a bit confusing – if you need more information about this please email us at csyw@together.org.au.

On non-wage matters there are good mechanisms in this offer to deal with workload, reclassifications and other important issues that members have raised.

For a summary of what the offer means please go HERE. Any questions please get in touch with us.

HAVE YOUR SAY - VOTE IN THE BALLOT by 16th January 2020!

Our union is a democratic one. While your delegates are recommending this offer every member gets to have a say!

The ballot of union members on whether or not to accept this offer is open now and closes at 4pm on Thursday 16th of January.

We realise that it is a challenging time of year – unfortunately we must close the ballot on the 16th of January in order to report back to the QIRC in time for hearings to commence or be adjourned based on the outcome of the ballot!

Please do have your say today.

PS: None of this would have been possible without the incredible work of volunteers who work with you – your union delegates! Please give your local delegate a congratulations and thank you when you see them next.

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