CSYW arbitration update

Posted on June 5, 2019

A quick update on your arbitration process for CSYW and Youth Justice. This is the trial process we are pursuing this year to fight for fair wages, safe workloads and so many other issues.

We had a conference in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on Monday afternoon.

Due to the government creating a new Department of Youth Justice, the AWU application to split the process for Youth Detention and the large number of matters in dispute the original trial dates are now unlikely to be kept.

Together representatives made it very clear that a resolution for our members’ concerns about wages and conditions is essential, and we have been prepared to meet every deadline throughout this process and we need to have dates sooner rather than later.

Deputy President Merrell of the QIRC agreed with our request to lock in the earliest possible dates and has set another mention on Monday 17 June to finalise submission dates. This will also allow the government time to figure out what the new Department means for the arbitration.

Have your say

There is still time for you to comment or ask questions about our Together position in the arbitration and our draft determination (currently including both CSYW and YJ matters) – please email csyw@together.org.au if you have any questions or feedback! Please note – if you have provided feedback since last Wednesday, this will not yet be reflected in the document.

Will you be a witness?

We are also asking delegates and members to think about which claims they would be willing to be witnesses for – to provide their lived experience and evidence for why our claims are so important and should be adopted. We will be back in touch with some more detailed information regarding this process, but please have a think about the claims you are particularly invested in and would be willing to provide evidence for.

As always, when we have more information we will let you know.

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