CSYW: Arbitration and wages update

Posted on October 9, 2019

Yesterday we filed all our witness evidence for our upcoming arbitration in January 2020. This is a big step and an important milestone in our case.

We want to thank every delegate and member, stakeholder organisation and others who have provided supportive witness evidence seeking a better child protection and youth justice system and better working conditions for workers supporting children, young people and families.

The key focus of our arbitration will be caseloads, fair pay and addressing attraction and retention issues.

For a reminder of our position in the arbitration and what we are seeking there you can go HERE.

Based on media comment in the last few weeks from government ministers we have also written to both Director-Generals seeking to clarify, if the government do want to see a settlement before the arbitration, what the proposed starting off point for those negotiations would be. You can see those letters here (CSYW and YJ).


Today we have made submissions as part of the State Wage Case in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. This is the case where we are seeking to have your wages increase by 3% this year, back-dated to 1 September 2019.

This case happens every year and seeks to flow on the National Wage Case outcome (which this year was a 3% increase to all federal awards) in to the state system.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the wage case and any interim pay rise applications as they progress.

Caseloads and workload pressure

There is also always an ability to raise workload issues, regardless of what is occurring with arbitration, and particularly if you believe it is a risk to you and your co-workers' health and safety, or the safety of the Department's clients. Please get in touch with Dee, Jo or your local organiser on csyw@together.org.au if you would like to discuss workload concerns and how to best address them using current tools.

If you have any questions about the arbitration or other processes please get in touch.

PS: If you haven't already, please fill in our union political survey. It's a 5 minute survey asking union members what your priority issues are so that we can make sure any political campaign in 2020 reflects your views. Go here to complete the survey.

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