Creation of the Clinical Assistant Stream

Posted on September 24, 2020

You do amazing work on behalf of your communities and you all should be proud of your achievement in the creation of a standalone Clinical Assistant stream that will be part of the Health Practitioner and Dental Officer agreement.

Your contribution and dedication to the lives and wellbeing of Queenslanders must be respected by your employer.

There is more to do to protect and improve your working conditions and your fellow Clinical Assistants, however the first priority is the implementation of your new Clinical Assistant wage rates and all other aspects of your new agreement.

Payroll work

Your delegates have met with Queensland Health to get more information on when Clinical Assistants will be moved from OO over to your new Clinical Assistant stream (CA).

This is a complex process. The most complex aspect is the movement from the operational stream to your new CA stream within the payroll system. 

Queensland Health payroll are building your new stream into the payroll system. This needs to include not only your new wage rates but also hours of work (part time vs. full time etc.), afternoon penalties, weekend penalties, public holidays, normal span of hours, extra week's leave, leave loading and the other industrial provisions. It will then need to be tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Union delegates will continue to monitor the progress with payroll. 

List of positions

Queensland Health is also working with each of the HHSs and the Department of Health to compile a list of positions that fulfill the criterial of all those who be covered by the new Health Practitioner and Dental Officer Agreement.

The following are eligible roles under this agreement:

  • Allied Health Assistants (including Allied Health Assistant – specified allied health discipline)
  • Anaesthetic Technicians/Assistants (other than those eligible for appointment to Health Practitioner stream)
  • Audiology Assistants
  • Clinical Measurements Assistants
  • Dental Assistants
  • Diversional Therapists
  • Laboratory Assistants
  • Leisure Therapist Assistants
  • Medical Imaging Assistants (including Dark Room Attendants)
  • Menu Monitors
  • Mobility Aide Officers
  • Mortuary Attendants/Assistants
  • Music Therapy Assistants
  • Nutrition Assistants and/or Dietetics Assistants
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Pathology Assistants (including Central Specimen Reception coordinators and managers)
  • Phlebotomists
  • Physiotherapy Assistants
  • Plaster Technicians/Assistants and Orthopaedic Technicians/Assistants
  • Podiatry Assistants
  • Prosthetic/Orthotic Assistants
  • Recreational Officers
  • Rehabilitation Assistants (including Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants)
  • Social Work Assistants
  • Speech Pathology Assistants
  • Therapy Assistants
  • Vector Control Officers. 

Queensland Health will also be collecting the names of individuals who sit in these roles, and their qualifications. We understand that the list of positions is almost complete. 

We will need to check with members to ensure that they have been captured as part of these lists and ensure the information is correct.   

This work may take a few months to complete: we have asked for a detailed timeline. As soon as we have this information we will share this with you all.  We will continue to ensure the new wage rate is implanted as soon as possible. 

The new CA classification structure will be back paid to 17 October 2019 (or date of employment if employed after this date).

The other priority is to ensure timely implementation of the rest of the provisions pertaining to Clinical Assistants. Union delegates are now sitting on your Health Practitioner and Dental Officer statewide Consultative Group, to ensure the timely implementation of your new provisions.  

Implementation of your new agreement will include the development of work level statements based on those in the Operational Services Manual, to reflect the new clinical assistant stream.

Your union office will set up a state-wide Clinical Assistant member meeting in the coming weeks - I look forward to seeing/hearing you all at the meeting and I am looking forward to continue to work with you to improve and protect conditions of all Clinical Assistants from every part of Queensland.

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