CQHHS February Update - Workplace bullying, consultation, temp to perm & more.

Posted on February 15, 2021

CQHHS Together Delegates have been extremely active this year advocating for members across CQHHS on many issues.

One of the key concerns from members has been workplace bullying and harassment, which we raised with your CEO at the last CQHHS consultative committee meeting. Delegates have reported, based on member feedback, that workplace culture is a massive problem for members and we are seeking that CQHHS put genuine steps in place to ensure our members safety and well being in the workplace. 

Consultation with our members about change management is a continued matter of dispute. It is important to remember that you have a right to meaningful consultation on any workplace change that directly or indirectly affects you. If you believe this isn’t happening, please contact your union office by emailing health@together.org.au.

Further to these matters, there have been a number of concerns raised in relation to temporary to permanent conversion, maximization of hours and transfer at level requests. While it appears management are not always following this process correctly, we have had good outcomes when we are escalating these matters. You can find a copy of temporary to permanent directives here!

We are also concerned about the misuse of temporary employment, where a number of workplaces are engaging temporaries on two week at time contracts. This is not acceptable practice and our member deserve certainty with their employment status! We have raised this matter and are awaiting an outcome.

In other news, Queensland Health has reviewed their ‘Responsible Workforce Management’ (RWM) processes, which changes the way in which positions are currently being filled/not being filled. You can find more information on the requirements here:

If you have any concerns or issues which are affecting you and your workgroup please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Delegate or contact your local Organiser, Ashleigh Saunders, by emailing ashleigh.saunders@together.org.au!

We encourage all workers in CQHHS to be in their Union. Not only will you be a part of a collective that can bargain for better wages and conditions, but you will also have access to advice and representation for personal workplace matters. So join your union today - you can sign up securely here

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