Corrections: Your action was a huge success!

Posted on May 18, 2016

Well done – your action in support of safety and fairness has had a big result across Queensland.

This week we saw members from Lotus Glen, Capricornia, Woodford, Brisbane and Wolston centres all stop work from 1300hrs to 1900hrs. At Townsville, Maryborough, Borallon, Women's and the Escort Security Branch we held rallies and meetings to get everyone together and signal that the employer's behaviour is just not good enough and Correctional Officers deserve better. Check out the photos here and share your own photos of the event on our Facebook page.

We made the media! Check out just some of the coverage herehere, and here.

As a result of your actions, late Tuesday afternooon Corrections Minister Bill Byrne agreed to a meeting this Friday. While it's good that the Minister is at least prepared to hear our concerns and become more involved in the bargaining process we've got to keep maximising our message.

You voted overwhelmingly to take part in this action because you believe that Correctional Officers aren't getting fair treatment and that we collectively should do something about it. Here's how we're going to follow up:

  • We'll be applying again for Protected Action Ballots at the centres where we just missed out on the right result. Stay tuned for news about that from your delegates because once again, for us to succeed we need to make sure EVERYONE VOTES and EVERYONE JOINS THE UNION.
  • Secondly, regardless of whether you have had a PAB get up at your centre, we have to remind the Minister and the government that we're not going away until our issues that you've nominated as being important are getting fixed. To send that signal we need to ask everyone who isn't a member yet to join. We have had big numbers coming in from people who wanted to take part in the actions, now it's time to follow up and talk to everyone who cares about safety, better classification, and compensation for prisoner assault.

Finally: WELL DONE! This has been the most successful action that we've had in Corrections in terms of numbers for years but we're not done yet. Together members will be continuing with this campaign until we can get the outcomes that we all deserve.

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