Corrections - We are going to arbitration

Posted on June 27, 2019

We have just come out of the hearing at the QIRC and the Vice President of the QIRC has agreed to send our claim to early arbitration! See the decision here.

For us, that means that all Protected Industrial Action must stop effective immediately. Not just the strike action, we are now to return to entering data on IOMS, reverting back to our usual start times, wearing the light blue uniforms and cease other bans.

For those who may not have seen, 75% of the membership agreed to seek early arbitration via yesterday’s poll and to ramp up industrial action over the weekend to force QCS to agree. At our conciliation meeting this morning, Commissioner Thompson agreed to request a referral hearing to send our claim to arbitration. We then went away and both parties made our applications which were presented at the hearing with Vice President O'Connor about an hour and a half later. The Vice President agreed and subsequently has referred our claim to arbitration. 

We will now have to wait for hearing dates, however the campaign doesn't stop there. Delegates will be working behind the scenes to start compiling our evidence and other documentation for these hearings and planning a bunch of activities that we can undertake to keep the pressure on the government. Members will have the opportunity to be involved in this so keep an eye out for further updates.

The Respect The Risk campaign was always bigger than our log of claims, it's about fighting for officer safety, getting the government and public to recognise the dangers and stress we face, and the ever increasing workloads and changing complexities of our role. We will be holding a delegate conference in July to refine this next phase of the campaign.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and closed group, as well as your home emails, for updates and planned activities that we are looking at from now, right up to the date of our hearing at arbitration. 

Thank you for all your efforts so far - we would not be in the strong position we are in today without you and we would not have been able to push the department into early arbitration without the threat of your action.

In union,

The Negotiation team

John Stack, Anthony Irving, Jay Boal, Darryl Gleich, Adrian Burke, Jason Hunt, Peter Clark, Tracy Woodward, Chris Mallcott, Karen Davis, John Eagleton, Michael Thomas

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