Corrections votes to change classification system

Posted on July 22, 2016

A plebiscite was recently conducted to decide whether or not to change the CCO classification structure in the new Collective Agreement. The results of that ballot are in and there was an overwhelming vote to change the classification structure.

In summary:

  • 61% of eligible employees voted and, of those who voted, 88.5% voted to change the classification structure.
  • The plebiscite also captured the results at each CCO Level. Every level voted for change with the lowest vote in the levels that are affected by the reduced annual pay increases being 79% and the rest at 80% or higher.

Based on this result, your elected delegates have endorsed the inclusion of the new structure in the agreement and have met with QCS Management. QCS have also agreed in principle to adopt the new structure and final drafting on the agreement is being done.

What happens next?

Under Government processes, the final agreement still needs to be endorsed at the Cabinet level. This is anticipated to happen by the end of the first week in August. Once that occurs the final collective agreement and accompanying information will be sent out for a two week period before a final electronic ballot will commence. That ballot will be open for another two weeks and, if supported, the agreement will be lodged in the Industrial Relations Commission for certification.

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