Corrections Update

Posted on February 11, 2019

My name is Darren Roach. I am the new member organiser for Corrections at the Together office in Brisbane. I have been a prison officer for 25 years and a union delegate for over 20. Most recently I worked at the Brisbane Correctional Centre. As of 4 February I am on secondment from the Department, working for you in the Union office.

2019 will be a very big year in Corrections. Our collective agreement expires on 30 April. That means that we will be bargaining for a new agreement with the Department over the coming months. For a long time members and delegates have been talking about what needs to change in Corrections. Last year members submitted over 400 responses to the Collective Agreement Survey, which delegates used to draft a log of claims to take into bargaining. The log of claims was then endorsed at meetings around the state. You can find a copy of the log of claims here.

We have forwarded the log of claims to the Department and now we're waiting for their response. Once they do respond we are ready for negotiations to start.

Some of the major issues we will be negotiating around are wages, as well as superannuation, overcrowding and other safety issues.

We are thinking about our colleagues in Townsville as they recover from the flooding and severe weather of the last fortnight. We are fighting for members to receive their shift allowance where they were unable to get to work—the same as happened during the 2011 Brisbane floods. You shouldn't be penalised because of an extreme weather event!

You can contact me at, in addition to your local delegates, about any issues in your workplace or about the bargaining campaign. If you have an industrial issue and need advice, you can contact your experienced industrial staff on 1800 177 244.

I am looking forward to working with you all as we fight for a fair deal for everyone working in Corrections!

1800 177 244