Corrections Update: WE WON!

Posted on June 2, 2016

Congratulations everyone! Thanks to the actions of all our members and delegates, Together we have won a breakthrough on our classification structure and workers comp top up demands. The government is prepared to give employees a choice on whether to accept the proposed classification structure with the reduced annual pay increases or just accept 2.5% on the existing structure.

Classification Structure:

The features of the proposed structure are as follows:

  • All CCOs will have their pay increase by at least 2.5% per annum through access to increments or annual pay rises
  • CCO1-1 to 1-7 will see annual pay increases 0.5%, 0.5% and 0% but will be able to progress to CO1-7 without a Cert IV and all the way to CO1-9 with a Cert  IV. That means everyone ends up better off than they would have been.
  • Supervisors with a Diploma can progress to CO3-4
  • Trade Instructors can progress to CO2-2 with a Cert IV and to CO2-4 with a Diploma

This is a fantastic outcome, it means members will have full detail on the proposed structure and get to decide on whether they want that as part of the final agreement or not.

Workers Compensation:

The government has agreed to restore the top up on workers compensation when people are injured at work. The great news is it is not just limited to when CCO’s are assaulted. The final wording of this will be provided shortly.

Other Benefits:

In addition to winning our main demands, we have achieved the following extra benefits:

  • Escort Meals – meal allowance increased to $29 and tied to the Directive so it will increase over time, up to 1 hr pay at ordinary time for meal breaks missed
  • Restoration of employment security provisions
  • Restoration of union and delegate rights
  • Transfer entitlements to move from centre to centre and part time to full time

Over the next couple of weeks information sessions will be held at centres with Industrial Services Director Michael Thomas and centre delegates to explain the proposed structure and answer any questions. There will then be a ballot of members to decide what offer to proceed with.

A result like this could only happen because of the hard work of union members working together to create better outcomes at work. Make sure you let your colleagues know about this amazing win and ask them to join you. Together we are stronger.

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