Corrections update: Talks with Bill Byrne successful

Posted on May 20, 2016

Today your delegates Peter Clarke, Jason Hunt and Darryl McNamara, along with Together Secretary Alex Scott and Michael Thomas from the union office met with Minister Bill Byrne over the impasse in the collective agreement negotiations. The talks were very positive and the Minister has assured us that we have his support and understanding. 

While the Minister has heard our concerns over WorkCover top up for when officers are assaulted at work, and on removing pay barriers from the classification structure, it doesn't mean we have a breakthrough. The final approvals for our claims will need sign off from those who hold the purse strings. Minister Byrne has committed to taking our issues back to QCS and central agencies and then meet with us again on Monday 30 May.

The Minister has requested that we hold off on further action until that meeting to see if he can achieve the outcomes we are asking for. Your delegates agreed to suspend action until then but we will hold state wide meetings on the morning of Tuesday 31 May to report back on the outcomes of the next meeting and recommence, and escalate, action if necessary.

In the meantime we will meet with the Department again this coming Wednesday to see if there have been any advances and report back.

As always, the more union members we have the stronger we are in negotiations, so talk to your colleagues and encourage them to join if they haven't already. 

PS. You can see a breakdown of the proposed classification structure changes here.

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