Corrections Update: Meeting with Minister

Posted on May 29, 2019

Last Friday, your delegates, along with with Alex Scott and Michael Thomas, met with Corrections Minister Mark Ryan MP and IR Minister Grace Grace MP.

We posted a video update about the meeting here.

We have secured something we have been asking for – the Minister has personally intervened. Given that this has happened, as we requested, our side has committed to temporarily pausing the stop work actions and the IOMS bans as of Monday 27 May.

Clearly these industrial actions by members have been effective so far. We know that all members are prepared to resume them at a moment’s notice if the department fail to return to the table with some genuine negotiations.

All polo shirt, name badge and work to rule activities (start times and security COPDs, if these have already been implemented at your centre) remain in force. Please keep these up and spread the word!

Right now, we are waiting for a rescheduled meeting with the department, which will happen either tomorrow or Friday. After that meeting we will be able to send another update.

Stay tuned.

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