Corrections: State Wage Case Win means Award Rates will increase - QCS still opposing an interim pay increase

Posted on November 8, 2019

Yesterday evening the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission handed down their decision in the State Wage Case.

The Commission has ordered a 3% pay increase for 2019, back-paid to 1 September 2019. This is despite the State Government submissions seeking to stop the 3% pay increase this year applying to Public Sector Awards – including Corrections. The Commission did not accept their arguments and the decision reflects the application made by Together, the Qld Council of Unions and the AWU.

This win in the state wage case will see CCOs above 1-8 receive increases backdated to 1 September this year. Those increases range from approximately 2.2% for CO1-8 down to 1.6% for CO3-4.

However, what it also means is because QCS is refusing to apply under Directive 12/12 State Wage Case and Certified Agreements, CCOs on 1-1 to 1-7 will be the ONLY government workers in arbitration that won’t receive a payrise this year unless QCS consents to an interim pay increase of 2.5%.

This decision underlines why we must arbitrate your agreement and challenge QCS’s refusal to apply the 12/12 Directive and pay Award rates to CCOs on 1-1 to 1-7.

We are in arbitration because basegrade CCOs are the lowest paid in any state, despite that the Government refused to offer more than 2.5% in bargaining and fix that problem. We are also having to seek a decision from a Full Bench of the QIRC to see whether the current rates being paid to CCOs on 1-1 to 1-7 is legal.

We have already met with Minister and stressed the need for the interim pay rise to be agreed to, this decision makes that even more vital. We have been in contact with the Minister’s Office this morning and have urged that QCS consent to making sure the lowest paid CCOs get a 2.5% pay increase now, while we wait for the arbitration to be finalised.

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