Corrections: Results of the poll and what will happen tomorrow

Posted on June 26, 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the email ballot over the last 24 hours. We appreciate that it was short notice but it was vital that your representatives are able to go into tomorrow’s Conciliation Conference before the QIRC with clear directions on how to proceed. Given the importance of that decision your Conference delegates decided that members needed to set that direction.

The results are clear, with 75% of members endorsing a strategy of forcing the Government to agree to early arbitration.

Your representatives will now take steps to make that happen:

  1. We will immediately advise the Department that all centres have been endorsed to take 24hr stop works over the coming weekend in accordance with the attached calendar.
  2. We will make application to the QIRC for early arbitration.
  3. We will use tomorrow’s Conciliation Conference to highlight the lack of respect that QCS has demonstrated throughout negotiations, the failure to properly pay CCOs what they are worth and the hypocrisy of the government telling the public they are negotiating in good faith while at the same time providing no instructions that would allow meaningful negotiations.

We will use tomorrow to attempt to force the government into arbitration and use the threat of rolling 24hr stoppages to do it.

We will report back tomorrow on the outcome of the Commission hearing and the next steps in the campaign.

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