Corrections: Rally postponed - Minister intervention!

Posted on October 28, 2019

Based on the prospect of hundreds of CCOs attending the safety rally tomorrow outside the Minister's office, there has been a last minute intervention by the Minister.

A full 202 extra FTE staffing in the budget for additional prisoner numbers will be released now. This will mean extra CCOs on the floor to reduce the risk of staff assaults.

The Minister has also committed to further discussions to adopt a statewide Chemical Agent COPD based on the Woodford Chemical Agent trial with gas issued on the person and a commitment to further discussions regarding the agreement and the 2.5% interim pay rise back dated to 1 May this year.

These discussions will be finalised before the end of November where, pending the outcome, we will potentially reschedule the rally.

Well done, we will do a video update with further information from the Minister's office first thing tomorrow.

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