Corrections: QCS Commissioner's message regarding EB ballot

Posted on September 22, 2016

We are finally at the last step of our enterprise agreement process to achieve certification and secure back pay to 1 May. 

There is now a 2 week period where all QCS employees can review the proposed agreement, followed by a AEC run ballot.

QCS Commisioner Mark Rallings has written a letter to all officers regarding the new Certified Agreement and the Ballot. View here.

You can view the full proposed agreement here and an explanation of the classification changes here.

The ballot will commence Tuesday 4 October, and conclude Monday 17 October.

Corrections officers voted overwhelmingly to change the classification structure and remove progression barriers. The majority of officers must now vote in favour of the final agreement for the agreement to be certified. 

If a majority isn't reached the operative date and pay rises will be lost, so make sure you vote!

If you have any queries email 

1800 177 244