Corrections: public holiday rates for working Easter Sunday

Posted on April 13, 2017

We emailed you yesterday about the fact that Easter Sunday had recently been declared a public holiday in Queensland but the government's industrial arrangements for CCOs did not reflect that.

As a result of the concerns raised by delegates and the action taken both through the Department and the QIRC, the government has issued the following direction to all agencies:

"The policy position of Government is that Easter Sunday is to be treated as a public holiday for public sector employees, including for the purposes of industrial arrangements. All agencies should ensure that their pay arrangements recognise work performed on that day as work performed on a public holiday, attracting appropriate penalty payments."

This means that any CCO working on Easter Sunday will receive additional compensation for the new public holiday, regardless of whether they receive the aggregated shift allowance or not.

The following is an extract from advice being prepared for centres:

"Where an officer in receipt of the aggregated shift allowance is required to work on Easter Sunday they shall receive their base pay and aggregated shift allowance for each hour of their rostered shift which falls within Easter Sunday plus an additional payment of time and a half calculated on their base rate for each hour of their rostered shift which falls within Easter Sunday with a minimum payment as for 4 hours work for the day.

If an officer performs overtime at the conclusion of the above shift, as it is a Sunday they will receive a minimum of three hours overtime and it will be payable at Quadruple time, that being double the ordinary overtime rate for the day

Where officer [sic] on aggregated shift allowance performs an overtime shift on Easter Sunday they will also be paid as a above as opposed to merely receiving the double time overtime rate – the above providing a superior entitlement.

Employees not in receipt of aggregated shift allowance who may be required to work Easter Sunday will remain entitled to the Public Holiday rates as prescribed by the Award."

This outcome ensures that all CCOs who are required to work on Sunday will receive an additional benefit for doing so.

Congratulations on this win!

As always, if you have any questions you can reply to this email or call 1800 177 244.

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