Corrections: Is part time work for your benefit?

Posted on August 14, 2017

Is your part time work for your benefit?

According to the Public Service Commission, flexible hours such as part time work "support employees in meeting demands of family, personal or community responsibilities”, part-time employees have "predictable hours of work each week, month, or year, but fewer than full-time".

But that's not how part-time work seems to be used in some Correctional Centres.

Our delegates are reporting that many part-timers are being engaged on less shifts than they’d like to work and are constantly having to do extra shifts at to make ends meet.

These extra shifts aren't predictable, they are those that suit the employer, not the employee.

If you are a part-time Custodial Corrections Officer we need to hear from you. We are collecting information across every Centre to see how part-timers are engaged and used.

Please click here to complete a short survey. it won't take more than a few minutes and could make all the difference.

If you know someone in your centre who is part time, send them this email and let them do the survey - we could make a difference to the way part-time work operates in Corrections.

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