Corrections new year update

Posted on January 10, 2020

2019 was a big year in Corrections and we’re off to a flying start in 2020 already. Here is a quick update to kick off the year.

ESU emails - contact the union office!

We can’t stress enough that if you have received an email from ESU requesting information about an incident you must contact our union office on 1800 177 244 or fill in an industrial assistance form.

A reminder that accessing unauthorised information from IOMS is a criminal offence and you could be charged for doing so. This needs to be taken very seriously.

Update on arbitration

We are continuing discussions with the department regarding arbitration including what’s going to be arbitrated and what’s already been agreed to.

The outcome of the 12/12 dispute has not been handed down as yet but is likely to be provided before 21 February when draft determinations are due for arbitration. 

You should have all received your 2.5% interim pay rise now. This is 2.5% on your EB pay rate which is the rate that you were being paid prior to 1 September.

We’ve also had discussions with the department around the placement of the additional posts that were promised by the Minister and recruitment to those positions has began.

Stand TALR program

The department are starting to get the message about your mental health. The Western Australian Prison Officers Union (WAPOU) will be coming over later this month to deliver their Stand TALR program in several centres and train some of our delegates to provide this program to members in your centres. This training will then be presented to the rest of you throughout the next 12 months.

As always we’ll have updates on Facebook and in our members Facebook group or contact your local delegates if you have any queries.

1800 177 244