Corrections: Meeting with the new Minister

Posted on November 22, 2016

Yesterday Together Secretary Alex Scott, delegates Gordon Murray, Jason Hunt and David McInnes along with Michael Thomas from the union office met with the new Minister Mark Ryan.

The Minister has already visited Wolston Correctional Centre and stated how impressed he was with the work and commitment of CCOs he met and made it clear that his number one priority was the safety of Correctional staff.


We made it clear to the Minister that recent suggestions that overcrowding "wasn't a concern" were simply wrong and the problem of overcrowding made everything that happens in Centres worse. We stressed to the Minister that it was time that significant changes were made to give CCOs the tools and authority they need to manage Prisoners and that meant both bigger carrots AND bigger sticks.

Your delegates have been developing a list of things that could be implemented immediately, as well as longer term changes that can make a real difference in Corrections. These could include things such as more frequent control and restraint training and an effective entitlements and incentives program.

The Minister is keen for us to develop a list of changes that can be implemented immediately as well as over coming months and has committed to regular meetings with delegates to discuss the options we propose.

We need to know your thoughts. Your delegates will be developing the plan at State Conference next week and sending it to the Department and the Minister. Email us your thoughts to Delegates will be holding meetings in coming days to discuss our options.

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