Corrections: Jarrod Bleijie says your delegates are lying.

Posted on November 27, 2014

Prisoner overcrowding is dangerous. You know this and you are not making it up.

Yesterday, Minister Jarrod Bleijie flew to Maryborough Correctional Centre, in response to continuing concerns raised by Together delegates and reported in the media about the impact that overcrowding, the smoking ban, and various local decisions which had the potential to risk the health of safety at staff at the centre. 

Correctional centres around the state are overcrowded. At Maryborough, just like other centres, there have been concerning incidents with prisoners being on the roof, officers being assaulted, urine thrown on staff, hot water thrown at staff.

It's a credit to staff that they have worked professionally through these incidents and that nobody has been seriously hurt.

The Minister just doesn't get it. He claims that your delegates are making it all up.

Read the report in the local newspaper here, or watch a Channel 7 video news report here.

The Minister's bizarre and disrespectful response was to confuse prisoners with soldiers serving overseas. This shows he just doesn't get it - he doesn't understand the risk and is treating your legitimate concerns with contempt.

Your delegates are currently considering how to respond and planning meetings at every centre over the next week or so in order for members to send the Minister a clear message that the problems facing you are very real. Keep in contact with your delegates to find out when your meeting will be.

Your voices will not be silenced or ignored - you work hard every day to do a tough job in a dangerous environment – you have a right to safety and to go home safe at the end of your shift.

Queenslanders have a right to expect that their correctional facilities are not a danger to the community.

Together Corrections delegates and members will continue raising safety for as long as it takes for the government to act.

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