Corrections: Don't let politicians privatise prisons

Posted on October 27, 2020

We can't support any politicians who want to sell off our prison system to private corporations.  

The LNP wants to transfer more prisons into the control of private companies. The LNP’s Treasurer called the decision to bring prisons back into public hands to make prisons safer “wasteful spending” and “totally unnecessary”.

That’s why this election, Together has launched a campaign to respect the risk and stop the privatisation of Queensland’s prisons. In the lead up to the election, there are ads on TV, radio and online. Click here to see the Respect the Risk website.

Private prisons are dangerous to correctional officers and to our community. Workers are at greater risk from assaults and overcrowding. Private prison workers are given less training to deal with the difficult and dangerous situations you deal with every day and there has been more corruption.

Overseas operators are focused on making profits not on the safety of workers.

Our communities overwhelmingly agree prisons should be staffed by Queenslanders, with a focus on community safety instead of corporate profits.

This election will determine the future of our prison system. Who you vote for is up to you but your preferences could directly impact the job security and safety of correctional officers across the state. Make them count by putting the LNP last.

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