Corrections Bullying Report Released: Now time for action.

Posted on April 4, 2017

Members have been raising concerns about the culture of bullying that exists right across Corrections for a long time and the report released this afternoon proves those concerns to be justified.

You can see a copy of the report here.

The findings include:

  • There is significant and widespread workplace bullying problem at QCS, with three quarters (74%) of employees witnessing or personally experiencing bullying or harassment in their Workplace
  • Despite the high level of bullying evident there does not appear to be strong evidence of any persons being held to account for such behaviours.
  • To ensure QCS provides safe workplace, urgent and significant actions are required.  

The report was produced by a committee that included three independent chairs as well as union delegates, David McInnes (Woodford), John Wilson (BWCC) and Greg Tanner (ESB). It makes a series of recommendations to address the problems uncovered.

While QCS has accepted the recommendations it is up to members to hold management to account. Quite rightly, many members will be sceptical that management will take appropriate action. The report found that many staff were unwilling to report bullying due to lack of faith in the complaint investigation process and fear of reprisal from management.

The best way to ensure this problem is addressed is through members acting to make change.

That's why you need to demand change - bullying is not acceptable and it is not safe. Read the report. Talk to your delegates about issues you have, talk to your colleagues and say enough is enough. If you witness bullying or inappropriate behaviour, raise it with management and demand that there be a response.

As a union we have demanded action on bullying – and this report is our opportunity as union members to make sure management take strong action.

Let’s make sure we follow through, get active and achieve change.

We build better workplaces by standing united as union members. If you know someone who's not a Together member, ask them to join today.

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