Corrections Bargaining Update

Posted on February 12, 2016

Following on from Jason Hunt’s email last week on the Collective Agreement negotiations here is this week’s report back.

At the meeting this week we have started to get down to detailed negotiations around the Log of Claims. The restoration of rights and entitlements stripped out of the last agreement by the former LNP Government, the numbers of night and weekend shifts that the aggregated shift allowance compensates us for and the entitlement to meal breaks on escorts all discussed. While there will be more negotiations around meal breaks and the aggregated shift allowance we did get an early breakthrough on the restoration of the rights that the last government removed. This will see the restoration of such enforceable rights and entitlements as:

• Employment security
• Consultation
• Delegate rights
• Training Leave for Industrial Relations

These are important, as it was the removal of these rights by legislation that allowed the previous government to cut activities and programs, sack trade instructors and smash through workplace changes without consultation. We all know how that turned out.

Next week we will start serious discussions of the classification structure with representatives from the Academy coming to the negotiations to discuss the Certificate IV process and its relevance to the CCO various levels. Look out for another update, in the meantime remember if you have any questions you can email or ask any of the delegates from the Negotiating Team or Collective Agreement Steering Committee listed below:

Negotiating Team

John Stack (Lotus Glen), Adrian Burke (TCC), Mark Weber (CCC), Jason Hunt (Woodford), Shannon Richards from (Borallon), Darryl McNamara (BCC), Scott Mawhinney from ESB and myself.

Steering Committee

Dave McInnes, Ron Wadforth, Geoff Jensen, Tobin Price, Tim Ryan, Sean Harvey, Scott Rieson, Jay Boal, Darryl Gleich, Barry Millwood, Lee Shore, and John Wilson.

Remember talk to your colleagues about joining your union. It’s early days and looks okay so far but  if we want to get the best outcome we can QCS needs to know we are serious, we are strong and we are active.

We'll provide you an new update after next week’s meeting.

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