Core: $1250 one-off payment - good news!

Posted on February 14, 2020

Congratulations to you and your fellow Together members who have ensured that you and your colleagues have secured the $1250 “one off payment” following the change in government wages policy in 2019.

Together members used your industrial power to shift the government's position on wages. You have secured the one-off payment and other benefits while maintaining the ability to fight for a fair percentage pay rise in 2020 and beyond.

Following confirmation from Minister Grace we understand that the one-off payment has been approved and will be paid on 25th March 2020.

Please see a letter we have received today from Minister Grace in relation to the payment.

While we don’t have the full ‘rules’ or FAQs about how the $1250 will be applied we have prepared a short fact sheet on what we do know about the payment and wages this year. You can see that here.

EB Drafting and Certification

We are continuing to work with the Office of Industrial Relations on finalising the full agreement terms and conditions and completing the process of “drafting” the new agreement. This is very important because until the new EB Agreement is fully drafted, and then you vote on that, the EB cannot be certified. It is only once the Agreement is certified by the Industrial Relations Commission that the conditions you have won like commitments to improved employment security, consultation and other provisions are locked in. Drafting of the agreement is nearly finished. We are expecting a staff ballot on the drafted Agreement in March.

When you’re talking to your colleagues today, remind them that it was union members who secured this payment and ask them to join you as a union member – without you, this would not be happening!

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