Congratulations: HPDOCA Agreement

Posted on December 5, 2019

Last night, after weeks of intense negotiations and planned member strike action, Together gave in-principle agreement to a significantly improved offer for your new HPDO3 agreement. We would like to congratulate members on winning such a strong outcome in your new EB!

The final agreed deal contains a vast number of improvements to your conditions that were won by Together members. A small sample of these include:

  • 2.5% pay increase + $1250 payment* (*Note government has decided that for all agreements this is AO8.4 equivalent level - we continue to advocate in relation to this cut-off, we understand that this is very disappointing for many higher level HP and DO members)
  • No loss of conditions – including no loss of retention payments for radiochemists
  • Rural and Remote support
  • Improved workload management
  • HP workforce planning (budgeting and non-clinical time)
  • Improved employee access of flexible working arrangements
  • Temporary to permanent conversion improvements
  • Social Work / Psychology treatment space protections
  • HP workspace protections
  • Compassionate transfers
  • A new Clinical Assistants stream, with improved pay rates, a better training allowance, now including a CA3-4 progression scheme which has come out of recent negotiations
  • Improved Attraction and retention for Medical Physicists

At the last stages of negotiations including late yesterday, Together bargaining representatives negotiated several rounds of improvements to the offer. Based on the feedback from members we understand this improved offer is well supported across HPs, DOs, and CAs – and your HPDOCA Steering Committee delegates decided to provide in-principle agreement on the basis of member feedback and the improvements that have been won.

You can view:

Clinical Assistants improved offer!

One of the key issues which was hard fought and won yesterday was for improvements to the clinical assistant offer. The latest improvement was to improve the structure for Clinical Assistants who are experienced CA3s, to give progression to more increments beyond the current CA3 level. Following negotiations including a rejected progressions scheme, late yesterday Together received a copy of the progression scheme, which is outlined in the offer documents here. 

Recent improvements to the CA Offer include:

  • Progression scheme to provide progression for experienced and qualified Clinical Assistants at CA3.4
  • Increasing the Cert III "VETIA" allowance from 2% of CA3.4 to 2.5% (of CA3.4 pay rates)
  • Backpay to the 1 September – 16 October at OO rates, and 17 October onwards at CA rates (previously Queensland Health only offered backpay to 17 October).
  • Addition of Recreation Officers to the Clinical Assistants stream, bringing total to 30 roles.

Our CA members campaigned hard to get recognition and better pay by setting up a new stream. Queensland Health refused any extra pay all the way through last year and into the negotiations. While the pay isn't the amount our CA members asked for at the table, members still won a significant improvement in pay during this EB to break from Operational pay rates, and then pushed the offer even further. Now that we have our own CA stream, Together CAs can use the strength of members to push for more at every EB campaign in the future!

Saved retention payments!

Following intense negotiations about the proposed buyout of the Prescribed Retention Payments, which would have impacted our Radiochemist members, the payment of these retention payments was saved for all Radiochemists employed at the date of certification of the agreement! This is a big win for an important allowance for our Radiochemists.

HP workspaces and Social Work treatment rooms!

Together members negotiated and won new conditions that give protections to HP workspaces and Social Work treatment rooms. This is an important step forward that will ultimately benefit patients as well as HPs in being able to get on with you work and deliver the best possible care.

None of these changes would happen without union members. The difference between being union active and not is real and significant.

Thank you to every member and special thanks to the delegates and workplace contacts who facilitated surveys, meetings and attended negotiations on top of your 'day jobs' – what you have all been able to achieve together is remarkable.

The next steps will be moving to drafting this agreement and then once it is certified the pay rises and back-pay will come in to effect.

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