Concerns regarding BDH and UQSoD

Posted on September 15, 2017

Union members create safer workplaces by identifying concerns, raising them with management and working collectively to find suitable solutions.  

Together members in Metro North Oral Health have been raising numerous concerns regarding the co-location of Brisbane Dental Hospital (BDH) staff with the University of Queensland School of Dentistry (UQSoD) at Herston. These issues include:

  • Increased workload,
  • Increased supervision of students,
  • Lack of integration of systems,
  • Lack of process,
  • Lack of communication for staff and Queensland health patients,
  • Lack of equipment,
  • No induction of staff,
  • General confusion of staff,
  • Lack of ability for staff to take leave,
  • Ongoing risk to patient care.

So far, these concerns have not been addressed by Metro North management. It's time for the Chief Executive for Metro North HHS to meet with union delegates. Together, QNMU and United Voice members are ready to discuss these concerns and work together find solutions that will benefit all.

Oral Health members at Herston have launched a petition to call on the chief executive to come to the table - you can support members at Herston by adding your voice to those calls here.

If you know of any your colleagues are raising these issues too - make sure you forward this email, ask them to join your union and add their name to the petition.

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