Community Visitors win the right to bargain for pay rise and conditions

Posted on December 21, 2016

Important legislation has passed Queensland Parliament which will provide Community Visitors with improved rights, including a pathway to improve your pay and conditions through formal collective bargaining negotiations.

This is a huge breakthrough for our CV members who remain on unfair and inadequate pay and conditions. You deserve negotiated annual pay increases as well as other vital negotiated improvements to your pay and conditions. Our members will have a seat at the table to negotiate these improvements.

Enterprise Bargaining (EB) or Collective Bargaining is a right that CVs haven’t had before, and gaining bargaining rights brings you in line with your colleagues across OPG and elsewhere across the Queensland Public Service. Critically, having formally recognised enterprise bargaining rights gives greater legitimacy for Government to fund any agreed pay rises or improvements in CVs’ conditions.  

The legislation comes into effect for CVs in March, but there is no reason we can’t start the process earlier. This way you can secure improvements to your pay and conditions as soon as possible from March.

To get a better outcome through collective bargaining, Community Visitors will need to be a strong union group.

Union members will decide on the log of claims that Together CVs bring to the table for negotiations. CV members will also decide on whether to accept or reject any formal offers by your employer and decide on what steps to take together to get a better offer.

From here, we are suggesting that early next year we hold CV union meeting in your Zones about upcoming EB negotiations and what you want to be included in the list of claims for negotiations. We can coordinate these meetings around your Zonal meetings if that is the best time to get all CVs together. 

Very soon, union members will also need a nominated contact person for each Zone to help us coordinate meetings and keep CVs in your Zone informed during the process.

In the meantime, if you would like to nominate as a contact for your Zone please let me know by email to or call me directly on 0420 795 986.

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