Communities restructure update

Posted July 26, 2012 by Alex Scott

Recently I emailed you in relation to the restructure underway across the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and our union's concerns about the process that is being utilised by the Department to enact this change.

On Monday this week Together and Department representatives spent several hours in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission discussing concerns that have been raised by union members, including those I outlined in my earlier email.

While many of our key concerns with respect to the restructure have not yet been resolved, the Department have made some commitments following this QIRC process - our understanding of these commitments is as follows:

  1. Commitment that no employee will be disadvantaged by being left out of an Expression of Interest (EOI) process that they should otherwise have been included in
  2. Commitment that employees participating in an EOI for a reduced number of positions at their level will be given information about the number of employees eligible to participate in that EOI
  3. Commitment that from this point forward any EOIs will adhere to a minimum 7 day period to allow more time for people to actively participate in the process
  4. Commitment that information will be provided to the union at the same time as it is provided to employees to allow for the provision of more timely consultation with members

We welcome that these commitments have been made, however maintain our concerns about the overall process being used by the Department and that even at 7 days, the EOI process is still too short for many.

Consultation with management representatives will continue later this week and will focus on concerns around the decision making processes and transparency around the make-up of panels. We will continue to try and engage and resolve these issues with the Department over the coming weeks, including through further conferences at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, however, the other activity we are taking as a union around our broader employment security concerns are still the subject of bargaining negotiations.

Our President, Vivienne Doogan, will send out an update about bargaining and what is happening there separately.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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