Comms rooms closures - your action has made a difference

Posted on July 10, 2015

Hundreds of you have signed the petition against the closure of the Ipswich comms room, and it is clear that your actions are having an impact.

Your actions have received widespread coverage in the media – for example, in the Queensland Times.

Yesterday your union representatives lodged a dispute at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission asking for a halt on the closure to the comms room not only in Ipswich, but also other rooms across the state that are under threat of closure – for example, Mt Isa and Innisfail.

Together delegates are seeking urgent action from QPS management to stop these closures and follow the process of consultation which this government was elected promising to follow.

Following this pressure from union members, yesterday Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that she has directed the Commissioner to engage in full consultation before any closures.

This is positive news but we are awaiting a formal response from the Commissioner and the QPS to our union dispute. The Commissioner must deliver on the Premier’s comments with concrete action and real consultation.

Congratulations on making this such a big and public issue! Comms rooms provide local jobs and vital support in keeping all of us safe.

Please continue asking your friends and colleagues to sign the petition and ask everyone to join your union.

A strong union is what will make the difference in ensuring our local communities can still depend on local police jobs and services in all parts of Queensland.

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