CITEC: Report back from negotiations meeting

Posted on October 14, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, Delegates Paul O’Driscoll, Darrel Altmann and James Swan, and Dan Goldman from the Union office, met with CITEC management and employment relations to commence negotiations for your wages and conditions for the next three years. Your current enterprise agreement expires at the end of this month, however your current conditions continue under the expired agreement until it is replaced. 

Have your say on the issues you want to see progressed at this link or if you prefer by return email.

This is an important part of the bargaining process, the answers you give in this survey will form the log of claims your delegates will take to the employer. Please take the time to complete the survey to have your say on what you want to see changed at work.

In the discussions that we had about proposed coverage of the agreement the department is proposing that, as part of the restructure (currently the subject of consultation):

  • ISD would be in scope for the CITEC agreement
  • Cyber Security from SSQ to move into the CITEC agreement
  • Data Sharing is proposed to come out of the CITEC agreement and into the Core Agreement

These matters are subject to negotiations including any transition arrangements.

Otherwise the coverage is proposed by HPW to remain as it is currently and as depicted as CITEC in the new structure documentation. 

Delegates intend to provide a log of claims to the employer based on your input by 30 October and then meet weekly with the employer to try and reach an agreement or get an offer from the employer by the end of November.

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