Child Safety: Wear it today.

Posted on July 31, 2018

Why are you wearing your union sticker today?

Is it because you think AO2 and PO2 staff, amongst others, work well above their classification?

Is it because your work/life balance is wildly unbalanced?

Is it because you think the children and families you work with deserve better?

Is it because you want a safe workload?

All of those—and more—are excellent reasons! There's a lot to improve in Child Safety.

Today's Sticker Day is the first opportunity to make a stand as part of your EB campaign, an important day to send a message.

Don’t forget to get your team or workplace together to take a photo and send it in to so we can collate all of your photos and share them on a Facebook album and show that across the state we are stronger together!

In last Thursday's negotiations we talked about workloads. 

While we are waiting on their official response, at the meeting the department said they were uncomfortable with putting a cap, or a specific number, of cases in the EB. They are "uncomfortable" with the idea of Child Safety staff having a number to point at to say "this is an unacceptably high number of cases". But the problem is, there are unacceptably high numbers of cases, for staff, for families, for children. And it has to stop.

Together members know that a caseload figure of 15 is not a magic number - but it's a start. It's a line in the sand that needs to be drawn.

This is the figure that review after review has recommended.

This government has maintained and even legislated caps and ratios for other professions -  like teachers and nurses - why should Child Safety be any different?

At the moment, a month out from the expiry of your current EB, your department only has the authority to negotiate within the state government's wages policy - a 2.5% wage increase and nothing else. This is not acceptable. There needs to be more on the table.

That’s why it's stickers on and more noise to come.

While your delegates continue to advocate and negotiate we know that their convincing arguments are not enough. That's why, in the next couple of weeks we will be asking you to consider what protected industrial action your office will take in September if the government does not improve their offer. When union members take action, workers win, and so do the children and families.

There’s a lot to be improved in Child Safety. Today's Sticker Day is just the start. Let’s make sure it's a strong one!

P.S. Is the person sitting next to you not wearing a union sticker? It might be that they're not yet part of our movement to build a better CSYW. Ask them to join today.

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